resources for healing a mother wound

Resources for Healing a Mother Wound

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As promised throughout my series on The Mother Wound, here are all of my favorite resources for healing the mother wound!

Bonus Resources for Healing a Mother Wound

I’m also offering all of my favorite journal prompts for healing mother wounds and generational trauma.

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Resources for Healing the Mother Wound

So, before we end this, I promised to give you a link to all of my free journal prompts on my website. You can find that in my show notes or by heading straight to and searching for mother wound journal prompts. I have so many other types of journal prompts that I recommend exploring on my website as well! You know I am a huge advocate for journaling and self-reflection.

Without further ado, here are some amazing resources to continue your journey of exploring and healing your mother wound.

Unmothered and Unbothered Podcast

The first and most impactful resource that I have to offer to you is the Unmothered and Unbothered Podcast. Precious Detina is an incredible human – so much so that she offered me advice in my time of need… When I knew I would see and speak to my mother last.

Her podcast was the first real source of advice and understanding that I found in my journey to healing my Mother Wound. Everyone with a mother wound needs this podcast in their life. Subscribe to her podcast and check out her Instagram to stay updated!

Mother Wound Project

The next resource is the Motherwoundproject Instagram account. This account has been a regular source of comfort, guidance, and relatability. 

Books for Mother Wounds

The last two resources are books that have been recommended to me so many times that I actually laugh anytime they come up. I’d be doing you a disservice to not pass along the same recommendations that so many others have had glowing reviews for.

The first is: It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Wolynn. And the second is Bethany Webster’s book: Discovering the Inner Mother: A Guide to Healing the Mother Wound and Claiming Your Personal Power

And that’s it, my friends. If you are trying to heal a mother wound, I hope you felt seen, heard, and understood in this episode. Know that you are not alone and your feelings are absolutely valid. And that my inbox is always open for anyone who needs that reminder.

Continue The Mother Wound Series:

Now that we have answered “What is the Mother Wound”… Click on any of the links below to continue or jump ahead. And don’t forget you can listen to the entire episode on the player above. Or through any podcast platform by searching for Root and Rise Podcast!

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