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As a survivor of domestic violence and generational trauma, I’m honored to be acknowledged in the TOP 5% internationally for my roles as a Podcast Host, Domestic Violence Advocate, and Master Mindset and Empowerment Coach!

I’ve learned how to turn pain into purpose – growing roots within myself that gave me strength to rise again, despite feeling broken and worthless.

And now, I’m here to share all of those secrets with you! Even when my life felt like it had been hit by a raging wildfire, leaving complete devastation behind, it was still possible to root and rise.

You, too, deserve to root and rise in your own life.


certain trees require fire to release their seeds

It’s true, these trees need DEVASTATION, like a wildfire,
to release their seeds from their cones and grow.

Humans are a lot like that too. 

We go through challenges and struggles in
life that knock us down and leave our life in ruins.

But what if it’s actually a chance to grow?

A chance to rebuild – intentionally place those pieces back together
and create the life you’ve always wanted to live?

that's where i come in


A podcast for cycle breakers, change makers, survivors, those wanting to thrive-rs, and anyone working on themselves for themselves.


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