journal prompts for healing a mother wound

Journal Prompts for Mother Wounds

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Here are all of my most helpful journal prompts for mother wounds. These have helped me through some of the most challenging times of my life. Including when my mother passed away with no answers or resolution. You can hear more about healing Mother Wounds on my podcast below or by clicking here to read the article!

Processing a mother wound through journal prompts can help you move past any blockages and help you to better understand yourself.

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Journal Prompts for Mother Wounds

Think of a time that you needed motherly love

  • What were you experiencing?
  • How old were you?
  • What did you need in that moment?
  • How can you give yourself that now?
  • Repeat with other experiences/ages as needed. This is great to revisit and work through reparenting yourself when these hurt parts of ourselves come back up.

Your “Mother” Experience and Your Mother’s Experience

  • What was missing in your ideal mother experience?
  • Setting aside the role of your mother, think of who she was as a person. In what ways might she have struggled? What areas in her life was she weak in?
  • How did this translate into her parenting and role as a mother?
  • If you plan to become a parent or are already in that role, what will you actively choose to do differently?
  • When you think of the mother you wish you had, how does that look? How does she act? And how would your life have been different?

Gaining Closure

  • What are you angry at your mother for?
  • If you can say anything to her, what would it be?
  • Do you feel you have understanding or closure?
  • How can you begin to find that understanding or closure in a way that does not rely on your mother to fulfill that need? (therapy, Resources for Healing the Mother Wound, etc.)

Potential Similarities

  • In what ways are you similar to your mother?
  • If these are good ways, how do you celebrate those qualities?
  • And if these are negative ways, in what ways are you actively working to be different?

Parental Figures

  • What other parental role models have you had in life?
  • How have they supported you?
  • What have they taught you?
  • Who are other strong women in your life?
  • What is your relationship with other women like?
  • How might your mother wound impact the way you interact with other women?

Your Inner World and Support System

  • How do you feel your mother wound has impacted your self-worth?
  • How have other people received the news of your mother wound?
  • Who was supportive and understanding?
  • How can you connect with them more?

Non-Supportive System

  • Who was not supportive or understanding?
  • How can you find ways to distance yourself or create healthy boundaries surrounding this very important part of who you are?
  • Did they make you doubt your experience with your mother wound?
  • What is your truth?
  • Does it matter whether they believe that or not?
  • What might be keeping them from seeing your reality?

Blame and Boundaries

  • In what ways have you accepted blame for the relationship with your mother?
  • If a friend or loved one presented you with that information, what would you tell them? In what ways do you feel they would be to blame?
  • With many mother wounds, boundaries can be a challenging thing to enforce – either due to lack of boundaries, lack of guidance, or too much distance. How do you practice boundaries in your life?
  • How can you choose yourself in any interactions with your mother?

Relationship Dynamics

  • What types of bonds do you form in romantic relationships?
  • In what ways have they been similar to the relationships with your mom?
  • How can you find healthier bonds with people in the future? What would you require of the other person to have a healthy bond?
  • How does your mother wound impact the way you parent?
  • Can you/how do you reparent yourself in moments where you are triggered?
  • How can you give yourself extra love and nurturing today?

Journal Prompts for Mother Wounds

These journal prompts for mother wounds are meant to guide you to a deeper level of understanding – both for yourself and your mother. A deeper level of understanding will allow you to find closure, heal, and move forward. You’ll be able to break those generational cycles and begin generational healing! 

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