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ROOT & RISE Podcast

Stop Playing Small

This is a space for the cycle breakers, change makers, life creators, survivors, those wanting to thrive-rs, and anyone working on themselves FOR themselves.

This podcast was created to help you ROOT despite the challenges and RISE to live the life that you deserve. I’m here to plant some seeds of insight, water them with love, and send you off with a little extra light so you can Root and Rise.

Showing the Love


let’s grow!

Meet your Podcast Host

At my roots, I’m a lesson-seeking, plant-hoarding, silver-lining kinda woman. 

As a survivor of domestic violence, generational trauma, and society’s expectations, I’ve experienced wilting and falling in life.

I believe that you can root despite the challenges and rise to live the life that you deserve.

What We are Talking About

Breaking generational cycles and creating generational healing

Mental health and all of the areas we need to grow.

Turning your pain into purpose and healing trauma.

The Root and Rise Podcast | Personal Growth, Motherhood, & Healing Trauma