Root & Rise

A blog and podcast created with you in mind.

Let me paint you a Bob Ross style picture of what Root and Rise stands for.


Imagine a flower, maybe your most favorite flower. In order for that flower to bloom, it had to pass through a couple of stages first. It started out as a seed in the beginning. That seed formed roots beneath the surface, strong roots to anchor and ground the plant during its growth process.


This growth was invisible above the surface, much like the inner growth that happens in each one of us. Once a strong and solid foundation has been built, this plant has the ability to now rise through on the other side. Standing tall and proud, preparing to bloom!


This blog is intended to guide you through your own process of growth.


I am here to help you Root and Rise.

The Team


Breanne Smith

Founder, Voice, Wife

Brody Smith

Photographer, hype man, husband.

About Me

I was born in Washington state. A true PNW girl, through and through. I moved to Seattle, Washington to start my own journey of rooting and rising after experiencing personal traumas. There, I spent years healing and learning the true meaning of grief, mindfulness, and healthy thinking. I connected with some amazing souls who passed along seeds of wisdom and my desire to share this knowledge with others began.


I met my husband on a trip to Hawaii, and after 9 months of long-distance, we eloped in the Olympic Mountains on the Washington coast. I packed up my life into four suitcases and moved to be with him while he’s stationed in Hawaii. Since then, I’ve been soaking up the Hawaiian culture and their ways of living. We now have a baby boy, one happy dog, and a house full of thriving plants!


I drew inspiration for the name of my blog through my love of plants and gardening. I enjoy propagating plants and watching their roots grow before being able to plant them and seeing them rise. One of my favorite challenges is to bring seemingly hopeless plants back to life and to see new growth. I will rescue any plant that I see being thrown away!



My true passion is helping others grow. Just like those plants, I enjoy watching their roots form and seeing them rise. I am so grateful for your presence on my website today.


You are the reason for this blog and podcast.


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