Hey, I’m Brea! Your new coach + online Bestie

I’m a Master Mindset and Empowerment Coach, a Domestic Violence survivor (turned DV Advocate), and a Top 10% Podcast, The Root and Rise Podcast.

On a more personal level, I am a military spouse, a cycle-breaking mother of two, and a plant lover.

How It Started

As a seed, of course!

During the pandemic, I watched the rates of domestic violence rising and had to help. I’m aiming to be the person that I needed when I was feeling broken and stuck. No one deserves to feel that way.

So, I started The Root & Rise Podcast – a space for the cycle breakers, survivors, and anyone wanting to thrive.

I’ve turned my pain into my passion. I have gained 5 unique certifications in Mindset, Empowerment, and Group Coaching. I’m an active Domestic Violence Advocate as well, cohosting weekly support groups. 

And, hopefully, I’m also your new bestie?!


A Few Of My Favorite Things


Quality Time With Family

As a military family, we are uprooted and replanted fairly often. We have learned to make a home within ourselves as a family unit – and it’s my favorite place to be!

Journal Prompts for Anxiety


My brain never seems to stop – journaling is my outlet. It allows me to process experiences and reframe my self-talk to be more empowering.


Caring for my Jungle of a home

We have collected over 60 plants in our home (and not stopping!). I refuse to give up on dying plants and have a very high success rate for bringing plants back to life. 

Growth or Fixed Mindsets

Board Games & Card Games

Self-proclaimed board game champion. I carry around decks of cards to play during quiet moments or while out with friends.

the wait is over

Time to start growing


So What did I learn during my healing journey? I had the strength, but I needed the tools. I’m Saving you those early steps so you can skip right to growth!

I’m sharing all the secrets about how I turned the wildfire of devastation in my life into growing resilience and living more authentically than I could have before.

As a survivor of domestic violence, generational trauma, and society’s expectations – I know it’s possible to root and rise after devastation against all odds.