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30+ Journal Prompts for Empowerment

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These are the journal prompts for empowerment that I promised in 7 Powerful Ways to Empower Other Women (Including Yourself!). In this article (and podcast episode!), I talked about some of the reasons why we are not able to empower other women. These issues begin within ourselves not feeling empowered, safe, or secure.

Don’t worry – if you are struggling at all to feel empowered within yourself, you are not alone. And it’s not your fault. Society pits women against each other, media shows us that we gain more power by tearing other women down. And the generations before us (that we possibly look up to) might be showing us unhealthy ways to interact with other women.

Journal Prompts for Self Empowerment

So what can we do with those feelings, those ingrained beliefs, and learned behaviors? How can we fix this and begin to empower other women like the empowered women that we know we can be? It starts with empowering ourselves. And maybe a little journaling. Because that change begins within.

You can read my article on 7 Powerful Ways to Empower Other Women (& Yourself!). If you prefer to listen, the podcast is below – along with links to popular podcast apps.

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Starting Your Empowerment Journey

A few quick notes before you start journaling… These journal prompts are not intended to encourage unhealthy thoughts or desires. Things like striving for a specific body image, toxic relationship dynamics, or aiming to be “better” than someone else. 

These journal prompts correspond with my article and podcast episode on Women empowering other women. Please read that, consider your motivations behind empowering yourself, and set some healthy expectations for yourself. We all deserve to be empowered, but not at the expense of someone else or if it hurts our physical or mental health.

 Journal Prompts for Empowerment

Journal Prompts for Empowering Yourself:

  • List 3 things that you love about yourself. 
  • Name something challenging you have overcome.
  • What is something you are really good at? Regardless of how big or small it seems.
  • Is there somewhere in your life that you feel a lack of power? (ex, relationship, family, parenting, friends, work, within your own self)
  • What do you feel you are lacking in this area or situation?
  • Is there somewhere in your life where you feel a lack of boundaries?
  • What boundary do you wish you had?
  • How can you begin to establish that boundary for yourself?
  • Is there someone in your life who has a great deal of power over you in some area?
  • Do you feel a general lack of power within yourself?
  • What would “having power” feel like?
  • And what would it look like in your everyday life to feel or have that power?
  • Where might you be feeling defeated in life? Or accepting that things just are the way they are and there is nothing you can do about it?
  • Find 2 possible things you could actually do in these situations. (ex. No longer accept another person’s behavior, find another way to get what you want, find something else you want, find a way to cope and move forward, etc.)
  • Where do you feel you are lacking in life?
  • What would succeeding or “winning” look and feel like in those areas?
  • How can you take steps to achieve that in your life? Check out Following Your Dreams for additional support!
  • What about other people makes you feel threatened? Or what do you admire in them?
  • How can you learn from them?
  • And how can you channel that energy within yourself?
  • Is there something about another person that is triggering you? (If so, go check out my Journal Prompts for Triggers next)
  • Are you envying something specific about someone else or their life?
  • Is there something or someone you are feeling jealous of?
  • What do you see about that person or situation that seems “perfect” or “wonderful”?
  • Knowing we don’t know what happens behind closed doors, what might we not be seeing? (ex. Personal struggles, flaws, or challenges)
  • Do you feel as if you are in competition with someone else?
  • Is this competition real (as in competing for a job)? Or is it perceived (as in competing for an image of the perfect mom, to be the best in your field, or any other body image standard)?
  • Do you believe that person might be different from you?
  • And do you believe that you both can be different and still be good enough?
  • What are some wonderful ways that you are different?
  • List one more thing you love about yourself.

Journal Prompts for Empowering Yourself

Feel Empowered Within Yourself

Let’s make a promise moving forward to start empowering other women. Lift other women up and stop tearing them down. What can you do today to empower someone else? Even if it’s just starting with these journal prompts for empowering yourself, that’s a wonderful place to start empowering other women. And learn about my 7 Powerful Ways to Empower Other Women (Including Yourself!).

Download my FREE personal growth digital planner (and send this to a friend!) below to keep growing and healing!

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