How to Work from Home

How to Work From Home (the Ultimate Resource Guide)

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I’m sharing how to work from home (the ultimate resource guide). Because working from home has so many perks! No commute, comfortable environment, and loungewear are some of my personal favorites. The only coworkers you have to deal with are your pets and adorable children! Being able to work from your own home can be the perfect fit for your lifestyle, especially if you are a mother. Most people want to find a remote job position but just don’t know what is available for them. Here is how to work from home (and actually make money!).

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How to Work from Home

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, remote job positions have become more available. Many companies have had to restructure their businesses to support stay-at-home orders and social distancing. This makes finding remote job opportunities easier than ever! It is a great time to switch to a remote position. Once you land one, you’ll have the experience required to land more remote jobs. Companies like to see that you’ve successfully been able to work remotely because they know that the at-home distractions are real! Check out this article to learn how to be productive when working from home.

You may not even realize all of the options that are available in your own home. Many people are intimidated, thinking this would require more schooling or experience than they currently have. This is not the case. Some of these jobs listed may surprise you! These may be hobbies or interests that you already have and didn’t realize you could make money off of. If you feel like working from home could be a good option for your lifestyle, read on to learn how to work from home (including where to start looking for jobs)!

Etsy Shop 

Are you creative? You could turn a hobby into money! Etsy is a great source for selling just about anything from crafts to digital content such as WordPress themes, templates, graphics, prints, etc. Hop on Etsy and browse around to see just how many opportunities there are to make money being creative.


A skill that not many people have anymore. If you know how to alter clothing, people are willing to pay you for it!

Virtual Assistant

This is great for anyone who already has a background in any sort of admin or assistant position! I am a Virtual Assistant and I absolutely love the freedom it grants me. I’m able to keep doing what I’ve always done from the comfort of my own home. This allows me to stay home with my baby as well.

Many companies are looking for Virtual Assistants, now more than ever! These companies range from small businesses, Etsy shops, real estate agents, lawyers, etc. There are plenty of people who could use a little extra help in their business. It’s worth asking any businesses in your area to see if they need even a few hours of help or know anyone else who might!

Hair Stylist or Esthetician

Easily one of the more popular (and fun!) work from home trades. Have you really even lived if you haven’t gotten your hair done in a kitchen? Maybe consider creating a workspace that is a bit more professional than that though…


While it can take a while to start earning from a blog, you can easily turn this hobby into income with patience and consistency. Income can be earned through advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and by offering your own services to sell.

I love using RewardStyle (the same platform as for affiliate marketing, but it can be challenging to get accepted sometimes. I’m happy to refer you as a creator and help your application be seen, just click here to send me your information! I’ll pass it along as soon as possible.

Customer Service Representative

These tend to be the most widely available positions. Your customer service position could range from chatting with customers to answering calls for a Call Center. Places like Amazon, Apple, Insurance companies, Uhaul, and American Express hire remotely for these positions.

How to Work from Home

Crisis Hotline Representative/Management

This can be challenging emotionally, but incredibly rewarding. A great option for people who want to make an impact in the lives of others.

Virtual Personal Trainer

I don’t know about you but I am much more comfortable working out in the comfort of my own home. There are many other people out there like me who are in need of a virtual personal trainer.

Warranty Administration

Love cars? Have experience with warranties? Sites like are looking for people like you!


Feel like you have a message to share with the world? Or maybe you’d like to be a medium for others to share their messages. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or have just seen it on this page, you’ll know that I also have a podcast! Podcasting is a fun way to share a piece of yourself (or others) with the world. 

I did a lot of research when selecting a podcast host to ensure that I would be able to monetize it eventually. While I am not quite ready to monetize it at this point, I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of transferring over all of the data to a new platform when that time comes. I needed a host that had the ability to connect me with sponsorships and advertisers.

Buzzsprout was the best platform that I could find. It is quick and user friendly. They post your podcast on every major podcast platform and had the best price. There is even a blog full of resources and tips for your podcast. Clicking this link let’s Buzzsprout know that I sent you, gets you a $20 Amazon gift card if you sign up for a paid plan, and helps support my show. 


Copywriting is an important piece of marketing and advertising. It can be quick and easy for people who enjoy writing!

Freelance Writer

Once again, if you enjoy writing this is a great option! Get paid to write and do something you enjoy!


Constantly noticing spelling or grammatical errors? This may be the perfect job for you!

Massage Therapist

A home setting can actually be more relaxing for some clients! 

How to Work from Home


Another great option for those creative types. Why not get paid to draw and create works of art? Just wait until you see them published.


Good with numbers? Many companies hire outside bookkeeping services! 

Medical coding

This is a service that has been available remotely for quite some time. Medical positions are always in demand and considered essential!

Insurance Billing

Another position that is in demand. With so many different types of insurance companies, there are many positions available.


Ever wonder who types up the closed captioning or audio descriptions that you see in videos? That could be you! There is great money in transcribing, especially if you are able to translate! Check out sites like:

Data Entry/ Management

Easy entry-level job to get into! Entering data for companies who are in need of extra help usually doesn’t require much experience, if any.


Many lawyers require help from a paralegal and don’t always have the office space for them. 


Great job for those tech-savvy friends out there! Get paid to work on and with computers!

How to Work from Home


Like blogging, this can take a while to build up an audience to start monetizing your platform. As long as you enjoy what you are creating, it’s worth it in the long run! 

Childcare Service

As a mother myself, I would much rather have another person that I know caring for my children in their home rather than taking my kids to daycare. Some of your mom friends might end up being your first paying clients! 


Get paid to hang out with adorable animals. Do I really need to say anything else?! Sites like Rover will help connect you with families looking for sitters.


This will require a somewhat large investment of a nice camera to start out but think of the opportunities to use it in your personal life as well!

Media Editing

Think photos, video, and audio. Many popular photographers, podcasters, and YouTubers are pushing out content but don’t want to spend their time editing (or just don’t know how!). Do you already edit your own media on your personal pages? Imagine getting paid to do that for others!

Voice Over Artist/ Narrator

Have a voice as smooth as silk? Are you known for your silly voices or accents? Becoming a voice-over artist or narrator would come naturally for you!

How to Work from Home


This can be as simple as offering to tutor kids in your town or helping teach English online! VIPkid is a popular place to start looking to teach English online.

Web Designer

Are you creative and tech-savvy? There is always a high demand for web designers! 

Graphic Designer

Another great opportunity for those creative and tech-savvy friends out there.

Social Media Marketing/Content Creation

How many hours a day do you spend on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest? I’ll bet you didn’t realize you could get paid to do that. Every time you post on your pages, you are already “creating content”. Make that brand specific for the right client and you could be making easy money!

Online Moderator

Get paid to manage pages, groups, forums, and accounts for businesses. 


Get paid to shop or clean out your closet! Find great items at thrift stores, retailers, or your own closet and add them to sites like:


Love fashion? Enjoy giving others style tips or makeovers? You could be a personal stylist for companies like StitchFix!


Provide useful guidance to others and receive a paycheck! There are many different types of coaches out there. Think you could help others with any of these?:

  • Life
  • Relationship
  • Career
  • Business

Dog Training

Known as a dog whisperer? Are your dogs the most well-behaved dogs in your neighborhood? You could help train other people’s dogs as easily as you trained your own!

Baking, Cooking, or Catering

Lots of people enjoy their time in the kitchen and don’t realize how much money they can make off of those of us who avoid the kitchen.

Mortgage Lender

A lot of these positions are paperless now and are offering work from home positions.

RN Case Manager

Trade those scrubs in for loungewear by evaluating health care plans for individual patients.

User Testing

Make easy money by testing out and reviewing websites, apps, products, or services. Check out sites like to learn more!

Your Current Job!

Ask your current job about switching to working remotely! I created my virtual assistant position by simply asking if I could try virtual when I was moving. If you have a good working history with your company, you might be surprised by what they’d be willing to do to keep you on the team!


Be careful of any company that requires you to pay to stock inventory or have expensive on-going training. While you can pay for your own training to further your career in many different fields, your company should be willing to comp or contribute to your training if it is required from them. Pay attention to people who are vague about the job they are offering you. Be comfortable asking questions and know that any reputable company will be happy to hear you have questions. As someone who has conducted interviews before, questions are a good sign from a potential employee. They should be welcomed and appreciated.

How to Work from Home


Here are some reputable sources to start your job search! Searching for a remote position can easily be done through your typical job search sites, but finding one that is specific to your needs can speed up your search!

Job Opportunities:


Rat Race Rebellion

Flex Jobs

Hire My Mom

We Work Remotely

Real Ways to Earn Money Online

For Active Duty Military Spouses::

Virt Force

Freelance websites:



People Per Hour


Belay Solutions

Thumb Tack


You’ve Got a Friend in Me

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