How to Work from Home

Be Productive When Working From Home

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Working from home can be a magical thing, as long as you know how to be productive when working from home. You may be tempted to keep hitting snooze, eventually roll over, and open your laptop to work in bed. However, that won’t lead to success. Now that more jobs are offering remote opportunities, more people are having to adjust to a new style of work. Interested in finding a job that allows you to work remotely? Read this article on How to Work from Home. Working from home is a luxury but does require discipline.

How to be productive working at home:

Create a designated workspace.

Do not use this place for anything other than work if possible. This allows your brain to enter work mode easier and gives you a way to “leave” work when you are done. It’s too common for people to allow their work to bleed into their homes and personal life. This is why it is so important to create physical boundaries. You will have a much happier home this way.

how to be productive when working from home

Have breakfast and coffee before you start working.

This is good practice in general. Taking time to nourish your body and allow yourself to wake up before facing the demands of your workday can make a huge difference in how your day begins. It can set the tone for the rest of your day, even beyond work.

Get ready.

Even if that just means you change out of your night sweatpants and into your daytime ones. I mean, you might want to actually brush your hair or put on a little makeup if you have any video calls. Putting a little effort into your appearance can help you shift to work mode. I know that if I stay in my pajamas, even on days off, I am far less likely to be productive.

How to be productive working from home

Silence your personal notifications.

This is my top tip on how to be productive working from home. Yes, this means you won’t see your texts, calls, or social media notifications. Trust me, it is way too tempting to quickly check on what your bestie sent you. Especially because it seems like it would take no time at all. But, those quick distractions can add up quickly and pull you out of work mode without you even realizing it. You have enough distractions at home already with Netflix and your couch calling your name. Make it easier on yourself and just silence them until you take a break.

Take scheduled breaks.

Use these breaks to respond to those notifications you silenced. You could browse social media or make yourself a cup of coffee. If it truly pains you to stop being productive (like me), you can use those breaks to start laundry or do the dishes. Taking that personal time to focus on things that might otherwise distract you around your home will allow you to better focus during your work time.

Check-in with your coworkers and boss.

And I mean truly check in on them, like on a personal level. You may talk with them about work during your day but you often lose out on the small chitchat that happens when you are in person. Maintain some sort of personal connection with them and nourish your relationship. This will keep you from feeling distanced and improve your virtual morale.

After work:

Make a point to interact with others.

Working from home can get lonely. Don’t’ fall into isolation. Even if you don’t leave your house, pick up your phone and call a friend. Make sure you aren’t spending too much time alone.


Working from home can be a truly wonderful and freeing experience. I enjoy being able to make money from home without ever having to leave my baby. Although working from home with kids is a whole new challenge. There is no commute, apart from the short walk to my office, which means less stress. And my coworkers are a cute dog and an even cuter baby.

Maintaining a remote position requires me to be productive at home. If I wasn’t following these tips, I definitely would not be successful working from home.

What helps you be productive? Leave a comment below to help others!

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