Journal Prompts for Sharing Your Story

30+ Journal Prompts for Sharing Your Story

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Here are 30+ Journal Prompts for sharing your story. If you haven’t already read my article on Sharing Your Story, go check it out now. The podcast episode is below if you prefer to listen! I talked about the challenges and benefits of sharing your story. As well as how to do it (safely and legally). Hopefully, this all will inspire you to start exercising your voice and speaking your truth.

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Journal Prompts for Sharing Your Story

Journal Prompts for Sharing Your Story

  1. List three ways you have grown from your experience.
  2. Name one lesson that you have learned from that experience.
  3. How can someone else benefit from hearing your story?
    Example: It could offer guidance, they might be able to relate, they would have a deeper understanding of me, etc.
  4. What would someone be able to understand better about you if they heard your story?
  5. How do you hope they will view you afterward?
  6. And how do you hope they will treat you afterward?
  7. In sharing my story, I need ________ from the person/audience.
    Example: Support, comfort, wisdom to be shared, etc.
  8. Write down a timeline of the events.
  9. What parts of the timeline stand out to you?
  10. Go back through the timeline and insert feelings into each event
  11. Note which parts of your timeline bring up strong emotions for you.
  12. How do these emotions affect your current behaviors and beliefs?
  13. Brain dump all the judgments and fears you have surrounding your story
  14. Pretend as if a loved one shared this story with you. What would your response be to them?
  15. How would you treat someone else who has experienced this same story?
    Hint: That can be a good indicator of what you want in return for sharing your story
  16. Name something you are proud of yourself for in or after this story?
  17. What do you try to hide from others in your story?
  18. What do you wish others saw in your story?
  19. How do you feel you have allowed this story to define you?
  20. What does being vulnerable feel like to you?
  21. What helps comfort you?
  22. How do you react to vulnerability in others?
  23. Respond to the following quote:I forgive myself for…
  24. My boundaries include…
  25. When do I feel most confident?
  26. Name your most powerful trait
  27. How do you recharge your batteries?
  28. What would you like to tell your past self?
    Tip: These are lessons that someone else could benefit from in hearing your story.
  29. What thought patterns or behaviors are still in my life from my story?
  30. Think about a time you shared your story with someone else… How did it make you feel? What would you change about that experience? And what would you keep the same?
  31. Do you speak negatively about yourself in this story?
  32. How can you give yourself compassion?
  33. What is one trait you admire in other people? And how can you channel that in yourself?

As I mentioned in my article on Sharing My Story, your story is yours – and yours alone. You don’t owe your story to anyone. And you definitely don’t owe your full story to anyone. These journal prompts do not have to lead to you telling your story to anyone. At the very least, I hope they take you on a little journey of self-discovery and self-reflection.

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