Things People Scare You About in Pregnancy

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The second you start sharing your positive news, you’ll discover many things people scare you about in pregnancy. I’m here to debunk some of the bigger ones! If you are curious about any other ones that you are hearing, please contact me. I’m always available to chat and could include your question in a future article or podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, this article was featured in my article and episode on What No One Tells You About Pregnancy. You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

5 Things People Scare You About in Pregnancy:

  • Sex during pregnancy
    If anything, it was better due to having increased blood flow exactly where it matters for us. And there are actually a lot of benefits to having sex during pregnancy, like improving your physical health, your emotional bonding with your partner, and might even help labor along (when that time comes!). As long as your healthcare provider has cleared you for sex, do it. You’ll thank me later.
  • The drinks for the glucose test
    They honestly just tasted like flat soda. I can see how someone with a food aversion to the flavor or just general nausea might not agree. But overall it was incredibly underwhelming after it being one of the top things people scare you about in pregnancy.
  • The Group B Strep swab.
    For anyone who isn’t aware, it’s a quick, swab of your behind as you get closer to birth testing for a bacteria. I didn’t even know it happened, it was that quick and gentle.
  • The epidural.
    Yes, some people have negative experiences. Those can tend to be louder than the positives. I did not feel the needle. And I did not have back pain. No problems afterward. It worked perfectly for me. And for someone with anxiety and PTSD, I wasn’t bothered by the fact that my legs were numb or that I couldn’t walk around. My only regret was how long I tried to avoid it for.
  • The first bowel movement after birth.
    There is so much fear surrounding this. This might truly be the main thing people scare you about in pregnancy – especially towards the end. Honestly, just follow your doctor’s after-birth care plan, take your stool softeners, use your Dermaplast, and don’t force it. I was totally fine.


Keep in mind that all of these things that I just listed are my personal experience. It’s not to discredit some of the people who have complained about these topics. Or those who have had negative experiences. There are always good and bad stories with anything in life. I’m just here to give you some positive ones to reduce the fear a little bit.

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