Positive Affirmations for Postpartum Anxiety

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Positive affirmations for postpartum anxiety can have a huge impact on your mental health. I mentioned these in my article on How to Overcome Postpartum Anxiety because they have really helped me. Words are powerful. They can build you up or they can destroy you. Words are seeds that are planted in your brain and the more that you repeat them, the more that you water them. What thoughts do you want to grow?

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When reading through my list of positive affirmations for postpartum anxiety, notice which phrases you gravitate to. The phrases that you wish to believe the most are the ones that you need to use. I find it helps to focus on one or two affirmations at a time. Over time you will learn to combat your negative thoughts with these, but it takes practice.

As silly as it sounds, I practiced using positive affirmations every time I saw a mirror. This means that every time I used the bathroom and stood there to wash my hands, I looked at myself and repeated these words (either out loud or in my head) a few times. However, find a time that feels most comfortable for you because that is how you will benefit from it the most. And don’t worry if it feels awkward at first! This is normal.

Positive Affirmations for Postpartum Anxiety:

  • I am capable of overcoming whatever life throws at me.
  • I am not defined by my anxiety.
  • I am in full control of my body.
  • I am not afraid to make mistakes.
  • I have survived anxiety before and I can do it again.
  • I have everything I need within me.
  • My feelings and thoughts are valid.
  • I trust myself.
  • I give myself permission to set boundaries.
  • It’s ok to say “no” for my mental health.
  • This feeling is temporary.
  • My safety lies in this present moment.
  • I am safe.
  • These thoughts are just thoughts.
  • I am not my thoughts.
  • I am aware of my surroundings.
  • I plan ahead and am prepared.
  • I can handle unexpected changes.
  • I release negative thoughts to create space for positive thoughts.
  • I intuitively know what is best for my child.
  • I can trust my motherly instincts.
  • I am not alone in these struggles.
  • I know what I am doing.
  • I am stronger than my anxiety.

I hope that, in time, you can begin to believe these statements. Because they are true, my friend. You, as the perfect, whole, and resilient being that you are right now in this moment, are worth that love. You are worthy.

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