Give the Gift of Relaxation

Give the Gift of Relaxation Because 2020 Has Been Stressful

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Give the gift of relaxation this year because let’s face it, 2020 has been rough. I don’t know about you, but my stress levels have consistently been through the roof. From being pregnant during a pandemic to losing my mother as well as my grandmother and being unable to attend the funerals. My little family has been isolated on an island over 3,000 miles away from our major support systems. Similarly, I know that many people have lost family members, canceled weddings, or have been quarantined in unhealthy environments. Because of that, I think we could all use the gift of relaxation right about now.

Here is the ultimate list to help you give the gift of relaxation this year.

Disclaimer: I only recommend products that I truly love and use. With that being said, this blog post contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, these links allow me to receive a small commission to continue providing free content to my readers. I am grateful for your support!

Give the Gift of Relaxation

Your Partner

  • Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket
    This blanket honestly feels like it was made from angel hair. I was gifted this as a wedding present and trust me, this will level up your snuggle game by at least 1,000 points.
  • Lavender Body Oil
    In addition to the promise of a massage, relaxing body oil can be the perfect gift for your partner… and maybe even end up in a massage for you too!
  • Record Player 
    Make sure you select a relaxing jazz album, like anything from Miles Davis, to go along with it!
  • Bath Bomb Set
    Give the gift of relaxation with this bath bomb to create a moment of peace for them!
  • Box of Emotions 
    This box set is filled with 80 cards to help you describe all of the difficult 2020 feels. It will help improve communication which leads to more relaxation. 
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp 
    We have 3 large Himalayan Salt Lamps and 2 night lights in our home. Whether or not you believe the supposed benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home, you cannot deny the cozy ambiance it creates. 
  • Feel Good Hug Shoulder Wrap
    Up your snuggle game by having them wear this shoulder wrap while cozied up on the couch (or while they are waiting for you to come home from work!).

Sisters and Friends

Mother Figures

  • Lavender Linen Spray 
    Help her get a better night’s sleep with a calming linen spray. I use lavender spray nightly!
  • Warming Slippers 
    Buy her a pair of these warming slippers for the ultimate relaxation. They are washable and reheatable!
  • Barefoot Dreams Robe
    Just like the blanket mentioned above, this robe feels like it was made from angel hair. Trust me, she’s going to feel like a Queen in this gift!
  • Burts Bee’s Hand Repair Gift Set 
    Between all of the handwashing, sanitizing, and dry weather this year, 2020 is turning out to be the year of dry hands. Help repair hers with this handy kit!
  • Neck Massager
    You may not be comfortable treating her to a massage right now, but you can still gift her a neck massager! This one is heated as well for added relaxation.
  • Scented Heating Pad
    This gift can be used for all of the aches and pains caused by 2020. But, also great for general stress-relief.
  • Bath Tray
    Pair this with a candle and a book to create the perfect bath set up!

Father Figures (or Brothers)

  • Parachute Robe
    He will be feeling like a king in no time! My husband is obsessed with this robe. It’s even perfect for tropical climates like Hawaii!
  • Eye Mask 
    Gift him all the naps with these light-blocking eye masks.
  • Stress Balls
    This stress ball set comes with 3 different levels of firmness and they are even scented!
  • Window Bird Feeder
    Even if he’s not a bird watcher, watching these birds from his window can be surprisingly relaxing.
  • Men’s Grooming Kit
    Because his basic grooming deserves an upgrade.
  • Skincare Kit 
    Give him the give of relaxation with his own spa experience at home!
  • House Slippers 
    Pair these slippers with the robe mentioned above and he’ll be feeling relaxed and cozy in no time.
  • Shower Steamers
    Easy and quick, he just needs to drop these little steamers into the shower to be transported to his own spa!


  • Lavender Scented Heating Plush Toy
    It truly is as cozy as it sounds! These lavender-scented plush toys can be warmed up for ultimate relaxation. But please be careful that you don’t heat these up past a safe temperature.
  • Today I Feel…: An Alphabet of Feelings book
    Gift this book to help children navigate those difficult 2020 feelings and help them relieve their stress.
  • Night Light Projector 
    Help them get a good night’s rest with this calming night light.
  • Weighted Blanket
    Known to reduce anxiety, weighted blankets bring easy comfort for children. Be sure to double-check that your blanket is suitable for your child’s age and weight.
  • Thinking Putty
    Hand this to your child and help relax them while working through difficult emotions or conversations. 2020 is full of them!

Give the Gift of Relaxation…. to Yourself!

Oops, how did two of these end up in the shopping cart?! Don’t forget to add an extra relaxing item (or more!) into your cart to treat yo’self! Since you’ve also endured 2020, you deserve a little relaxation as well. You cannot pour from an empty cup. With that logic, gifting yourself relaxation helps you increase others’ relaxation as well. Who can say no to that?

What relaxing items are you getting your loved ones this year? Leave a comment below to give others some unique ideas!

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