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6 Ways to Start Turning Your Dream Into Reality

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I’m sharing 6 ways to start turning your dream into reality. This is inspired by a question that I received from a sweet friend, Savannah, over on Instagram. Savannah asked “How were you able to make the jump of starting your own podcast? Turning a dream into reality?”

6 Ways to Start Turning Your Dream Into Reality

As I’m answering this question, I want you to consider something you want to start on. What hobbies, passions, goals, or dreams do you have? You already know what I’m talking about because it probably won’t leave your mind. Maybe it’s starting a business, a side hustle, a youtube, a new hobby, or running. Whatever it is, we are going to talk about how to get started on it.

This article is likely going to be short and sweet – mostly because starting is just the beginning. I have an entire article on Following Your Dreams that you have to check out next to keep moving forward with this vision!

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Turn A Dream Into Reality

But first, let’s start with your mindset. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.”. And wow was he right. Your attitude can absolutely determine whether or not you even get started with this dream.

So, you might be feeling like you can’t do this thing for whatever reason. And you might come across a moment of weakness or doubt in chasing this goal. Well, let’s explore that further. What are your limiting beliefs? These are the thoughts that are limiting you from living up to your full potential. They are roadblocks on your journey.

And if you aren’t able to work through them, you will never get past them. They will keep holding you back. Next, I’m going to cover some of the more common ones that I’ve heard and most certainly experienced myself.

Limiting Belief #1: Not feeling good enough

The first is feeling like you are not good enough. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You, just as you are, right here and now, are absolutely good enough. And deserving of whatever it is that your soul is calling out for. Picture a petition in your mind. It’s a petition for your happiness and success in this venture. Who would sign this? Certainly, a friend would sign it. Or a partner. A family member. Co-worker, stranger, neighbor. I would sign in. In fact, I just did.

All of these people, myself included, are cheering you on. Believing you are worthy enough, good enough, and deserving of anything you want in life. Don’t let your negative thoughts hold you back from that. If you can’t trust yourself to be good enough, trust us – the people who believe in you. The people who can see the real you – the potential, the capability, the worthiness.

For my pep talk to you, go read How to Stop Playing Small and Start Living Authentically.

Limiting Belief #2: Not having enough experience or wisdom.

Again, this is really close to not feeling good enough. But, this takes a turn into Imposter Syndrome. If you are experiencing that, please queue up my article on Overcoming Imposter Syndrome next. I got you.

You are not an imposter, a fraud, or incapable. Seriously, you have just enough experience and wisdom to get started. To know what you need to educate yourself on. What you need to research. Knowledge is power. You don’t need formal schooling to get knowledge. We live in a day and age where anything we need or want to know is available at our fingertips.

I’ve personally been taking courses online through Udemy to help improve this platform, my website, and to expand into the goals I have for Root and Rise in the future. There is a lot brewing in my mind over here. Plus, I’m forever a student in life. Learning is how we challenge ourselves. It’s how we expand our minds and our skills.

Limiting Belief #3: Fear of failure

This is going to sound cheesy but it’s true… There is no such thing as a failure if you are learning, improving, or growing. It is not a failure if you can find a lesson or silver lining from the situation. You can actually gain from a perceived failure.

And let’s be real, we all fail at some point. We all make mistakes. I’ve certainly failed at many things in life. And have made my fair share of mistakes. If I let that hold me back… I’d still be in an abusive relationship, living in a place that isn’t serving me, and in unhealthy friendship dynamics. This means, I would have never grown into the person I am proud to be today. I want that for you too.

I talked about how to find growth and gratitude in pain in my episode on my Daily Gratitude Practice. Failures, pain, and negative experiences can be transformed into profound lessons and growth. At least, if you aren’t allowing it to drag you down and hold you back. Yes, your feelings while processing any mistake or failure are completely valid. But you don’t deserve to remain in such negativity for the rest of your life. Feel the feels, process, and find a way to move forward – in your own time.

Limiting Belief Check-In

There are so many more limiting beliefs out there that everyone experiences. Sometimes digging up those roadblocks can be challenging – especially when we are too deep into the lie of limitation. If we are too close to see the truth, who can we rely on to help us see what’s holding us back?

Ask the people you are closest to! When you talk about this goal, desire, or dream, what are your excuses? Certainly, they hear you give reasons for why you can’t start this now – or ever. Are you waiting until you lose a certain amount of weight? Until the stress goes away? Are you putting some other arbitrary goal in front of this one?

Those who know and love you best will be able to help you identify your limiting beliefs. And these people are likely the ones who signed your happiness petition. So you can reach out to them for a pep talk or added support as you work to move past this limiting belief.

Dream into reality

Starting is just the first step

We all need a reminder that starting is just the first step. The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. Let me say that again… The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. This means the day you start isn’t the day you are diving right in, fully immersed, exposed, and at your final destination. It’s just one step.

There are a lot of steps necessary to get to your final goal destination. It’s a series of intentional choices, educating yourself, gaining experience and knowledge. You don’t just one day decide to run a 5k without any training or past experience running. I mean, sure, you could… But wouldn’t it be so much better to take the proper steps to train, build up your strength and stamina, and slowly work up to that end goal?

Simplifying the Process

Sometimes simplifying this helps it from feeling so overwhelming. I know that starting this podcast and blog felt intimidating. I felt like everyone was going to know what I was doing, my voice would be out there, and I’d be on display for the whole world.

When really, the first step was just researching. Educating myself. The step after that was buying some equipment. And the step after that was creating the content. Then recording. And I’m talking recording in the privacy of my own home, with the ability to review, edit… And even completely scrap my recording if I didn’t like it.

At no point at the beginning of my process was I fully exposed or immersed as I thought. None of that was as scary or intimidating as I thought. I was able to break it down into manageable steps, leading up to the big one – hitting publish and putting it out there for the world.

The Steps Necessary for Your Goal

So, let’s consider what your first step is. What research needs to be done? How can you educate yourself on the process? In what ways can you begin practicing (like I did with my recording before publishing) to gain that experience? Check out my article on Continued Personal Growth in New Year’s Resolutions even if it’s nowhere near the new year. I break down actionable steps towards reaching goals that can absolutely be applied to this.

For now, let’s just run with that 5k example that I used earlier – pun totally intended. How can you educate yourself on the process? Like, finding good running shoes, looking for a gym, or a safe running path in your neighborhood. What tools are necessary to succeed? Those running shoes certainly, maybe some workout clothing, definitely the Couch to 5K app.

And then consider how to begin practicing. Maybe you start walking. Or maybe you incorporate jogging right away. Stretching, recovering, scheduling out a regular running routine for your week. These are all ways to just start working towards your goal. None of which immediately toss you into the race.

Be ok with being a beginner

Along the lines of taking the first step, we all have to be ok with being a beginner from time to time in life. Because everyone truly starts out as a beginner. Even your role model or #goals person was a beginner at one point.

That reminder is so important because the place that we see them in today is not where they were when they started. There were roots growing below the surface (completely unseen to the eye) before you witnessed their rising and blooming for the world to see.

So let’s all just accept our beginning season. And remember it’s just that – a season. The way to work through that season is to gain experience, and knowledge. And put in the good time necessary to graduate past beginner.

Don’t let perfection hold you back

Just don’t let perfection hold you back. Preparing, researching, educating ourselves, and practicing are all great – and necessary. But don’t overdo it. The point of that is to eventually move past that stage. I talked a lot about this in my episode on Overcoming Perfection. It’s all too easy to get stuck in perfection and never end up making a move.

Nothing is perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect. If you keep waiting to start, to launch, to make your move until it feels perfect, you will never start. Seriously. There is a saying in the writing and creative world that published is better than perfect. The world doesn’t need perfect. But the world needs you living in your fullest, truest, self chasing this goal.

Dream into reality

Get a Pep Talk

Remember that support system that I told you to turn to for discovering your limiting beliefs? Now let’s turn to them for a good old pep talk. No one knows you better than them. And no one believes in you more than them. At least hopefully… Otherwise, you have some relationships to re-evaluate.

Reach out to them for a quick pep talk when you are feeling the doubt creep in. I’m here for you too. I like to think of a lot of my episodes and articles as pep talks. So really I’m here for you all hours of the day! My inbox is always open as well if you want to find me over on Instagram and TikTok to make this friendship official.

Just do it

We’ve confronted our limiting beliefs, determined actionable steps, adjusted our mindset, and have been properly pep talked… Now, just do it. Seriously. Just do it. Take the jump. It will be just as exhilarating as it is relieving. I remember the day I hit publish on this podcast. It was my first time ever addressing my past abuse and traumas out loud. It was overwhelmingly freeing and equal parts relieving.

I want that for you. You deserve to follow your dreams. And you deserve to feel every bit of joy, pride, release, and success that comes along with it. You really, really do.

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