Holiday Gift Guide for Him (Husband & Father Approved!)

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Every item on this Holiday Gift Guide (or guy-ed?!) for Him is husband and father approved. In fact, they are all recommended by husbands and fathers! I did my research because that is not my area of expertise.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Him

House Slippers

These slippers have thick memory foam cushioning to provide support while giving him the ultimate comfort. It also includes Hane’s Fresh IQ advance odor protection technology and can be used indoors or out!

Whiskey Ice Cube Molds

My husband loves having ice cube molds like this. They fit perfectly in a glass and come out of the silicone tray super easily. The trays can also be used to make popsicles and infusing fruit or herbs.

Bartender Kit

Along the same lines as the Whiskey Ice Cube Molds, a bartender kit is a great gift for him. If you enjoy a good drink or cocktail as well, this could end up being a gift for you too.

Chemical Guys Car Cleaning Kit

Is he a car guy? This is the perfect gift! There are smaller kits available as well. My husband loves and trusts The Chemical Guys Brand. And it comes with a bucket to keep it all in (so no mess!).

Credit Card Multitool

This is an 18-in-1 multitool that will prove itself to be useful on many occasions. It fits really easily into a wallet!

YETI Rambler Lowball

YETI’s are classic and useful for everyone. They are spill-proof and will keep drink cold or hot “until the last sip”. Plus, they are dishwasher safe!

Fruit of the Loom Robe
$38 (normally $50)

Everyone loves a good robe – especially a waffle texture one! It gives vacation hotel robe vibes – but in their own home. Give him a small piece of that peace.

Meat Church Rub and Seasoning Sampler

This is tested and approved by a friend of mine. He recommended it as a gift to buy for my husband and it quickly made its way to the top of my gift list for him! This has a 5-star rating on Amazon, which speaks volumes.

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Amazon Music Subscription
Get 3 Months Free (limited time only)
$9.99 per month after

An Amazon Music Subscription can be gifted to him! If he loves music, this is a great way to show you care. Right now, you can get the first 3 months free as well.

New Underwear (and Socks!)

This one comes straight from my husband. He recommended finding out what his favorite underwear and sock brands are. And buy new ones. His reasoning: “throw away all of their used ones because it’s something a guy probably wouldn’t do and that needs to be done periodically”.

Deluxe Grill Set

This is another one of those gifts that can come back to benefit you… in the form of delicious food! There are 20 essential tools for grilling in this kit.

Audible Subscription
Save 46% on your first 4 months for a limited time
Join Audible Premium Plus for $7.95/mo for your first 4 months.

Audible gives you access to both audiobooks and podcasts! Gifting him this subscription will benefit him on his car rides, long trips, or during their chores.

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Disclaimer: I only recommend products that I truly love and use. With that being said, this blog post contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, these links allow me to receive a small commission to continue providing free content to my readers. I am grateful for your support!

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