Baby Beach Packing List

The Ultimate Baby Beach Packing List for your Family Vacation

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Essentials for Your Baby Beach Packing List

Trying to figure out what essentials you need on your baby beach packing list? Here are all of my top must-have beach products for infants. Why should you trust this list? Because my babies were born while I was living in Hawaii and CaliforniaI’ve researched, tested the products, and had plenty of time to find my favorites. Take it from me, you’ll love these products!

Here’s a picture of me with my Hawaii baby on one of our beach days.

Baby Beach Packing List

Disclaimer: I only recommend products that I truly love and use. With that being said, this blog post contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, these links allow me to receive a small commission to continue providing free content to my readers. I am grateful for your support!

What you need to know about bringing a baby to the beach

First of all, babies cannot wear sunscreen until they are 6 months old – so protecting them from the sun is going to be incredibly important! Being active in the sun and heat can dehydrate us, so keeping your baby as hydrated as possible will also be very important

Alright, I’m spilling all of my secrets about bringing a baby to the beach!

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What Baby Beach Items Do I Really Need?

Here are my top recommendations for your baby beach packing list! You can also view the full list on my Amazon Shop Page.

Best Baby Gear for the Beach

Top Baby and Toddler Wagon for the Beach

This is hands down THE best wagon for sand (and any off-road paths)! It can be easily switched between pushing and pulling. And we get loads of compliments on it whenever we are out.

Best Baby Beach Tent

The perfect little beach dome for your baby! It provides protection from the sun and sand. And includes a mosquito net for added protection from bugs!

Favorite Family Beach Tent

We love our beach tent! It protects us from the sun, sand, and wind. And provides a little privacy.

Best Clothes for Baby at the Beach

Baby Swim Diaper

I have had a lot of luck using this swim diaper with my baby. It’s washable and reusable too!

Cute Baby Sunglasses

And check out these adorable flower sunglasses and heart sunglasses! I mean, does it get any cuter than that?!

Baby Sun Hat

Protect that precious little head with a sun hat!

Baby Essentials for Water

Inflatable Baby Float

Not only will this help your baby float with you – but it also provides shade!

Waterproof Wet Bag for the Beach

This bag can either keep things inside of the bag dry or keep wet items inside from leaking onto other things.

Adorable Baby Beach Towel

So cute it will make you say “what the duck“.

Must-Have Baby Beach Clothes

Baby Rashguard

Pro Tip: Choose a color that will stand out against the colors in the water. If your baby goes underwater or goes missing, clothing that is blue, green, or tan will not be as easy to find as colors like yellow, red, or orange.

Best Baby Beach Toys

Depending on the age of your baby, they may want some toys to play with in the sand. These will entertain your child for years!

Clip-On Umbrella for Babies

This umbrella can clip to chairs, strollers, tables, or your wagon! We keep one of these in our car for picnics too.

Ultimate Sand Remover

Another pro tip: baby powder helps remove any sand sticking to your skin! A must-have for any beach trip.

Baby Beach Packing List For Food

Beach Lunch Box

Pack loads of snacks for yourself (and your baby if they have started solids!). A divided container like this makes it even easier.

Training Water Cup for Babies

If you have introduced water to your baby (after 6 months, in small amounts), make sure to bring a water cup. Though, focus more on hydrating your baby with their milk or formula.

Insulated Water Bottle

Remember: you also need to stay hydrated while caring for your baby at the beach.

Cooler for the Beach

If you have a wagon, consider bringing a cooler along for the trip!

Cooler Backpack

And if you don’t have a wagon (or any room left in your wagon!), use a cooler backpack.

Ice Packs

Great for keeping food or drinks cold – but also for overheating or jellyfish stings.

Essential Beach First-Aid Items

Easy Sunscreen Application for Babies

Using a soft foundation brush like this one makes applying sunscreen to your baby so much easier. It feels good for them and makes it a little more fun!

Adult Sunscreen

This tropical-smelling sunscreen is my favorite. Make sure to grab sunscreen for your face as well – like this one.

Bug Spray

Protect your family from mosquitos and other bugs while you are enjoying your day at the beach.

Stroller Fan

This fan has a flexible tri-pod base that will work anywhere to keep your little one cool enough.

Infant Life Jacket

Be sure to find one that is US Coast Guard approved and from a reputable company – like this O’Neill one.

Jellyfish Information for Family Beach Trips

If you are headed to an ocean with your family, make sure you research the local jellyfish. There will be calendars available online that can predict when jellyfish will likely be out. For more information on preparing for possible jellyfish stings, click here.

More Beach Favorites:

My favorite postpartum swimsuit, snorkel gear, and beach hammock are a few of the other items available on my Amazon Shop Page. Head over there now to see all of the recommendations above, plus some of my other favorite beach items for adults.

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