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    The Beginning of Root and Rise

    What Root and Rise Stands For Let me paint you a Bob Ross style picture of what Root and Rise stands for. Imagine a flower, ideally your most favorite flower. In order for that flower to bloom, it had to pass through a couple of stages first. It started out as a seed in the beginning. That seed formed roots beneath the surface, strong roots to anchor and ground the plant during its growth process. This growth was invisible above the surface, much like the inner growth that happens in each one of us. Once a strong and solid foundation has been built, this plant has the ability to now rise through on the other side. Standing tall and proud, preparing to bloom! This name is inspired by…

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    Planning a Marriage

    Whether you are eloping or having a big wedding, we all know there is at least some planning required for your big day, but have you thought about planning for your marriage? Your ceremony lasts just one day, regardless of what type of ceremony or party you have, but your marriage is meant to last a lifetime. The best advice that I can give to those who are talking about or planning to get married is to focus more on planning your marriage than you do planning your wedding.

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    Body Acceptance During Pregnancy

    Let’s talk about some of the ways that you can take charge of accepting (and hopefully embracing) your body during pregnancy. You will be in this changing body for 9 months, whether you are loving it or hating it. It’s better to accept it than try to fight any of the changes that outside of your control. If we can get you to a point of embracing your growing body, even better!