inner child journal prompts

40 + Inner Child Journal Prompts for Reparenting Yourself

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Inner Child Journal Prompts

In the previous articles, Finding Your Inner Child and How to Reparent Yourself, I shared many tips, exercises, and resources for finding your inner child. And healing your inner child through reparenting. One of the most beneficial things that I shared were these inner child journal prompts.

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Journal Prompts for Triggers

If you are feeling triggered, reactive, or highly emotional, I recommend doing the journal prompts for triggers first before starting this exercise. I am a huge advocate for therapy and have turned to my own therapist when my self-regulation skills were not quite working for me. Please stop and speak with a therapist if any of these prompts start to trigger you or bring up any unwanted memories or feelings.

inner child journal prompts

Inner Child Journal Prompts

  • Check-in with your body. Do a mindful scan of each of your body parts to see how they are feeling right now. Are you feeling any pain? Or tensing muscles?
  • If so, acknowledge them.
  • Finish this sentence: I feel_______
  • And this sentence: I need ______
    • These two journal prompts are questions I ask myself anytime I am feeling intense emotions. I use these Feelings and Needs Cards to help me better understand what is happening to me at that moment. I hope you find some value in them as well!

Inner Dialogue

  • What are the negative feelings or thoughts you are having about yourself?
  • What is the truth about those thoughts?
  • What do you need at this moment to be able to cope with these feelings?

Wounded Inner Child

  • As a child, what do you feel you needed (and didn’t receive) growing up?
  • How might this be impacting you in the present moment?
  • What fear does your inner child have?
  • How might this fear be impacting you in this present moment?

Inner Child Journal Prompts to Uncover Memories

Disclaimer: I am a survivor of trauma and have experiences with repressed memories. I highly discourage using these techniques to uncover traumatic memories. That should be done with a trauma-informed therapist (that is what helped me!).
  • What memory is coming up for you when you feel this feeling or think this thought? (it’s ok if nothing comes up right away – use the exercise to find your inner child for this)
  • How old are you in this memory?
  • What is this version of you experiencing? Feeling? Thinking?
  • What kind of support did you need at that moment?
  • How can you give yourself that support now?

Let Go of Unmet Needs and Disappointments

  • Why are you holding onto these memories of unmet needs? (No judgment behind this question – we all hang onto the memories of unmet needs as children, even subconsciously. This question is just referring to this present moment or situation)
  • What are you afraid to lose by letting it go?
  • Consider whether or not you allow these unmet needs or traumas to define you.
  • Think of the people in your life, does anyone trigger these same feelings?

Support System Questions

  • Who did you look up to when you were younger?
  • What did you admire about them?
  • How can you approach yourself with those traits?
  • Think of someone in your life who was nurturing. How did they show you love and support?
  • And how can you respond to yourself in the same way they would?
  • What would you say if your (real or imagined) child approached you with the feelings or thoughts that you are experiencing?

Your Healed Inner Child

  • What do you think your future, wiser, more healed version of yourself would do at this moment?
  • How do you wish you could react to this?
  • What do you wish you could have said or done at the moment?
  • Take a moment to visualize yourself doing exactly that the next time you are in this position.
  • What would it feel like to handle this situation or moment in that way?

Positive Inner Child

  • What positive traits or qualities did you have as a child?
  • How can you channel these same traits or qualities into yourself now?
  • What did you enjoy as a child?
  • How can you bring that enjoyment into your day today?


  • Thank this inner child version of yourself for bringing up this new awareness for you.
  • Acknowledge the experience that version went through.
  • Validate the feelings they feel.
  • Release this version of yourself from feeling hurt, wounded, or scared at this moment. The older, wiser, more healed version of yourself now has it under control.

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