• What to pack in a hospital bag before labor

    A Minimalist Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery

    Preparing your hospital bag in advance can help prevent anxiety, last-minute scrambling, and missing items. Knowing what to pack in a hospital bag can be hard when you don't know what to prepare for. Check out this list of essential items, updated from the original post for those minimalist moms!

  • Postpartum Care Must-Have Items

    Healing during the postpartum period is no joke, which is why I have compiled all of the postpartum care must-have items to buy. Prepare yourself in advance to make the healing process easier.

  • Postpartum Self-Care

    Self-care is important, but postpartum self-care is crucial. You cannot pour from an empty cup and newborns require you to give a lot from your cup. Take care of yourself to stay sane while parenting.